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Mandatory disclosures

Pfizer Deutschland GmbH
Linkstrasse 10
D-10785 Berlin

Directors: Peter Albiez (Chairman), Michael Becker, Annett Enderle, Martin Fensch,
Dr. Axel Glatz, Kathrin Klaer-Arlt, Uwe Lahr, Peter Marx
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Juergen Braun
Company Registration Charlottenburg: HRB 114401 B
VAT ID: DE218877951


Pfizer Pharma GmbH
Linkstrasse 10
D-10785 Berlin

Directors: Peter Albiez, Dr. Gabriela Bodea, Dr. Karsten Graudenz, Martin Fensch, Kathrin Klaer-Arlt, Carel Janssen, Dr. Peter-Andreas Loeschmann, Dr. Andreas Ludaescher, Nicole Schlautmann, Patric Schulz 
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Juergen Braun
Company Registration Charlottenburg HRB 114620 B
VAT ID: DE237090054


Pfizer Pharma PFE GmbH
Linkstrasse 10
D-10785 Berlin

Directors: Dr. Andreas Ludaescher, Peter Albiez, Dr. Gabriela Bodea, Martin Fensch, Carel Janssen, Kathrin Klaer-Arlt, Dr. Peter-Andreas Loeschmann, Patric Schulz
Company Registration Charlottenburg: HRB 163302 B
VAT ID: DE298641705


Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH
Heinrich-Mack-Strasse 35
D-89257 Illertissen

Managing Director: Dr. Axel Glatz
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Peter Erdmann
Company Registration Memmingen: HRB 13219
VAT ID: DE257830393


Pfizer Consumer Healthcare GmbH
Linkstrasse 10
D-10785 Berlin

Managing Director: Michael Becker
Company Registration Charlottenburg: HRB 128781 B
VAT ID: DE113867192


Pharmacia GmbH
Linkstrasse 10
D-10785 Berlin

Managing Director: Kathrin Klaer-Arlt, Uwe Lahr
Company Registration Charlottenburg: HRB 114921 B
VAT ID: DE811195557


Hospira Deutschland GmbH, a company in the Pfizer group
Rablstrasse 24
D-81669 Munich
Tel.: +49 89 437 7770
FAX: +49 89 437 77729    

Directors: Christopher Wayne Hagen, Parminder Sobti
Company Registration Munich: HRB 151706
VAT ID: DE238022445


General privacy policy, not specific to web services

As a global company, Pfizer collects, processes and stores personal information in local and global systems.

Personal information about doctors and pharmacists can include their names, addresses, contact details, professional information such as specialist fields and position in the hospital, as well as bank details for reimbursement in conjunction with conferences or contractual payment obligations. The collection, processing and storage of personal information is for the purposes of contract processing, documenting cooperations with Pfizer, providing information and advice by Pfizer, enabling the processing of enquiries or reports of side-effects and for documenting the communications arising.

The personal information of suppliers is collected, processed and stored for the purposes of contract processing and related communications.

The personal information of trial participants is only collected, processed and stored in accordance with individual consent. Insofar as patients contact Pfizer with general enquiries, reports of side-effects or product complaints, their personal data will be processed and stored in local and global systems for the purposes of processing the enquiry, reported side-effects or product complaint and to fulfil statutory reporting requirements.

The use of personal data is exclusively for these purposes, unless the data is required by court order. For the purposes mentioned above it may prove necessary to transfer personal information to other companies in the Pfizer group, (service) partners of Pfizer or to the relevant authorities of countries within and outside the EU, where there is not the same level of information protection. Please note that the Pfizer group has opted for conformity with the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses, to ensure the effective and secure processing and storage of data.

In accordance with applicable laws, to request information, deletion, blocking or correction of their personal information, or should they have any questions, data subjects can contact the data protection officers by post (Pfizer, Re: Data protection , Linkstr. 10, D-10785 Berlin) ) or use the enquiry form for the data protection office at or .