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TBE in Europe

TBE is widespread in Europe. Even though the source data may not always be clear and/or complete, researchers at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have concluded that there are risk areas in at least 20 countries.

Incidence of virus infection varies greatly among the different European countries. Especially the Baltic states and large parts of Eastern Europe make up many of the risk areas. Until the 1980s, Austria had also been a high risk area, with up to 700 cases of TBE a year. Thanks to a high vaccination coverage in the population, Austria has managed to drastically reduce the number of cases. Nevertheless, as vaccination only offers protection to the individual, getting vaccinated against TBE is recommended for people traveling to Austria.

By using the – "Google Maps tool for European TBE distribution" you can quickly and easily check whether you are currently in or are going to a country with TBE risk areas. The interactive European TBE map on provides a country overview with downloadable detailed views.

Google Maps tool for TBE distribution in Europe

Present distribution of TBE cases in Google Maps layout, with search function and zoom. Find out whether you live, work or intend to take a holiday in a TBE risk area.


rot TBE risk areas in Europe (according to disclosures by the national health authorities and scientific publications).

Fragezeichen In these areas there is a known risk of TBEV infection, but no precise account of individual cases is available.

gelb Individual TBE cases (data from the local authorities).